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ADW Internet Solutions

My name is Andrew Winter, and I have been what I like to refer to as a web hobbiest for more than twenty years. Specializing in simple, brochure-type websites, I’ve been building websites for friends and family for many many years. I’ve added PHP & MySQL programming to help in my design projects, and have created several web applications mostly in the field of Broadcast Communications. Almost all of my websites are mobile-friendly using a mobile-first technology called Bootstrap.

I created ADW Internet Solutions, to help showcase my work and offer my services to other hobbyist and small businesses who may want a web presence, but need a little help, or can’t afford developer rates. I can help you establish an online presence that is not only simple, but functional, informative, and will compliment your business passion. It would be my pleasure to speak with you about how I can help your business reach its online goals.

Simple Internet Solutions
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This website is under construction. Some links and other functionality may be unfinished or have unexpected results. If you need to contact us, please reach out via email. Thank you for your patience as we build better tools to assist you.


Some of my more recent projects and websites.

RadioEMS is my latest website and radio project. It includes a "brochure-style" website, an online store using WooCommerce™, and broadcast operations using Azuracast & Shoutcast. This is a major project that has taken several months to complete. RadioEMS is scheduled to launch mid-February 2021.

Fusion109 Radio

Fusion109 has been a personal project of mine since 2015. I have re-designed and changed the website many times over the years, but have finally created a dynamic website using all of my latest php application and creations. I plan to add an online store eventually, but I'm still adding content to the website itself.

Red Shelf Decor

Redshelf Decor is a local business that has grown with us from a simple two-page website to a fully functioning online store using PrestaShop™. The upgrade was sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to increase sales.


In addition to designing fully functioning websites, we have been able to provide consulting services for many other clients, assisting them with registering a domain name, hosting solutions, email setup and WordPress optimization. We've been able to help provide security certificates to comply with the latest browser requirements and assist in navigating the complicated world of SEO and search engine placement. ADW Internet Solutions has been an authority on the creation and maintenance of online radio programs that are both legally operating and successful.