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ADW Internet Solutions

My name is Andrew Winter, and I have been what I like to refer to as a web hobbiest for more than twenty years. Specializing in simple, brochure-type websites, I’ve been building websites for friends and family for many many years. I’ve added PHP & MySQL programming to help in my design projects, and have created several web applications mostly in the field of Broadcast Communications. Almost all of my websites are mobile-friendly using a mobile-first technology called Bootstrap.

I created ADW Internet Solutions, to help showcase my work and offer my services to other hobbyist and small businesses who may want a web presence, but need a little help, or can’t afford developer rates. I can help you establish an online presence that is not only simple, but functional, informative, and will compliment your business passion. It would be my pleasure to speak with you about how I can help your business reach its online goals.

Simple Internet Solutions
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This website is under construction. Some links and other functionality may be unfinished or have unexpected results. If you need to contact us, please reach out via email. Thank you for your patience as we build better tools to assist you.

Simple Internet Solutions

ADWHUB Web Solutions create simple, efficient, attractive, and custom web solutions for everyone, specializing in small business & hobbyist solutions. No technical knowledge is required when you team up with me for your internet presence. Here are just some of the services I can help you with:

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  • No Obligation, All-Inclusive Estimates
  • Securing a domain name with a Registrar
  • Latest in SSL Encryption & Security (A+ Rating on SSL-Labs)
  • LetsEncrypt with custom server tweaks
  • Assistance with Commercial SSL Certificates
  • Customized Hosting Solutions for specific needs
    • WordPress™-Optimized hosting available
    • PrestaShop™-Optimized hosting available
  • IMAP Email Accounts with SSL security
  • Cross-Device compatibility
  • Basic PHP/MySQL solutions if needed
  • Simple E-Commerce
    • PrestaShop™
    • WooCommerce™ (for WordPress™)