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About This Website

This is my home on the web. A source for my online projects and experiments. I'm always a work-in-progress and in a state of beta testing. This site is rarely stable in its entirety and consists of many subsites that may or may not be fully functioning at any given moment. I'm never satisified with anything -- so everything changes -- ALL THE TIME!

I run an online radio station, soon to be more than one, which consumes a lot of my limited free time. I am definately a hobbiest programmer and web designer which is why most everything on here is unfinished/unpolished. I do however maintain an active and complete website for my radio station Fusion109 Radio. The station is on 24/7 and is licensed with SOCAN to play the best in hard rock and metal legally and ethically. Check us out if you can!


  • : Codiad IDE Instance (password-protected)
  • : Pages to demonstrate some of my scripts
  • : adwhub mail server (external server)
  • : My Online Notepad (password-protected)
  • : Pink Fluffy Ender Dragon Minecraft Server
  • vvair.adwhubca : Valley Virtual Flying Club
  • : ADWHUB Wordpress Development Site
  • : X3Wiki Revisited

Overall Station Status

Station Name
Fusion109 Radio128kbps MP3PUBFollow The Cipher - ValkyriaAutoDJ
Fusion109 Radio (R)128kbps MP3PUBI Prevail - Breaking DownAutoDJ
RadioDJ128kbps MP3PUBStream OfflineAutoDJ
 Streamin DJ Dru: OFFLINE