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Custom Online
Request Application






For help with Azuracast, go here:

The Custom Online Request Application uses the Azuracast API platform to do all the backend work. These scripts are meant to interact with a properly setup Azuracast install.

Also, I am well aware request functionality comes with Azuracast out-of-the-box, but it did not suit the needs of my station, so I created my own script to interact with the API system. It works for me, but may not be for everyone - use at your own risk.

I operate a legal online radio station that conforms with copyright laws and broadcast rules in Canada. It is truly my desire that you use this script in accordance with your countries copyright laws and that you broadcast legally and ethically. The author takes no responsibility to understand or comply with your particular requirements.

Web Server Requirements

  • PHP 5.6+ (although I'm pretty sure the code is PHP 7 compliant)
    • cURL support

the timeout value in your php.ini may need to be adjusted if you have a large inventory of requestable songs - see documentation for more details on how this works

Backend Suggestions

  • A working installation of Azuracast and an API key (required)
    • make sure API is enabled in your Azuracast setup
  • A free account with IPAPI so the application can get IP information from application users. (optional)


  1. Use Github to clone CORA to its own directory on your web server (ie. /request)
  2. Make a copy of config-sample.php and call it config.php. This is now your local configuration file.


Using a text editor, open your newly created config.php file and edit to suit your needs.

  • stationID this is the stationID Azuracast identifies as yours. You may have to login to your Azuracast instance to get this number. This is a required field.
  • baseAPIurl this is the first part of your Azuracast up to api (ie.
  • ipapi_key enter your IPAPI key for IP Geolocation support (optional)
  • station_logo a complete URL to your station's logo (square or slightly-rectangular logos work best here)
  • home_website this is where the request application redirects after a request is made
  • log_redirect_dir you can customize where the 'status.msg' file is stored on your system. this file captures the success or failure of the request.
  • licence_logo this will display the logo of your choice meant to be your licencing logo (ie. SOCAN, StreamLicencing, etc). If you don't have one, leave this field blank and nothing will display.
  • perpage this is simply for pagination of the request list. the more records per page, the slower the request will take to process (although the request list is cached so its pretty fast even with a larger number here. If you are unsure, 30 is a good default value.
  • app_debug if set to true, you will get a text output along the top with some details including the age of the cache, the IP address that is connecting and other useful data.

Use custom.css to override default colors and match your existing website. Information is contained inside the file.

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